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Symptom management

For me, at least right in this moment, symptom management is all about:

  • Figuring out what my limitations really are (versus what I think they might be,)
  • Doing what I can do within those limitations, and
  • Not beating myself up for what I can’t do right now.

Therefore I choose to be really proud of the fact that all my luggage is out of the car and that I went and got food for dinner, and I will not focus on the trash that won’t get taken out today and the laundry that will have to wait till tomorrow.

I’m also going to give this month’s Relief Society book group meeting (this evening) a shot, even though I have not re-read the book in question (Dracula) and even though I will be bringing a fairly lame “spooky snack” to share (ants on a log.)

And yes, the Relief Society book of the month is Dracula.  I love my ward even though I’m too scared and insufficiently functional to go on Sundays.  So far anyway (working on it.)

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Leaden paralysis

One of the stupidest, weirdest, scariest (for me) symptoms of depression is leaden paralysis.  I only discovered the name this year - and only connected it to my depression this year, too.  This was a little like the hair-pulling.  I didn’t know it was a thing, so I didn’t ever mention it, and no one ever asked, so.  I don’t feel so bad - they only figured it out (by “they” I mean the medical community) a few decades ago.

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