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So, tomorrow I go in and see my psychiatrist to figure out my return-to-work plan.  And I decided I had better look at how long I’ve been gone from work so I would know how much FMLA time I would have under various scenarios.  For example, a scenario where I worked four hours a day for a few weeks, then bumped up to 6, then finally the full 8.

And… I will have basically no FMLA time left.  You only get 12 weeks (480 hours.)  I was completely gone for 10 weeks (counting this one, starting tomorrow.)  If I start back four hours a day on the 7th, and then to 6 hours a day on the 20th, I will use up all but 30 FMLA hours, which have to get me through next August 31st.

This is not the end of the world, so long as I don’t get sick with anything else, and so long as I have no major setbacks and everything goes according to plan.  Which are of course things I do not want to be relying on.  Glrgh.

(The good news, sort of, is that the ADA does allow for leave in excess of what the FMLA does.  Also, I think my boss’s boss would possibly be OK with granting me excess leave.  And I technically will have a tiny bit of vacation saved up - my OCD and anxiety kept me from using basically any vacation for three years, so even being gone all this time hasn’t totally wiped me out.  And in January they give me more sick leave.  This just means my emergency stash is all used up, basically.)

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