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Symptom Management

I’m trying to do some of the worksheets from the program to see if they can help me get through this anxious stuff.  Don’t mind me, just doing some CBT-esque navel-gazing.

1. Being pointlessly tense and anxious is a problem that I choose to manage.

2. It adversely affects my life by:

  • distracting me from things I want to get done,
  • wearing my body out for no good reason,
  • keeping me from eating/drinking/sleeping/etc. like I ought to, and
  • generally making things much harder than they need to be.

3.  I experience it:

  • Emotionally as nervousness, anxiety, concern, and fear. 
  • Behaviorally, I hide from the world, I avoid eye contact, I spend a lot of time not moving or doing anything, and I find myself “checking” and “apologizing” and being very tentative when trying to do things. 
  • Cognitively, I am worried - going over past, present, and future concerns over and over again, reminding myself of failures and risks and so forth. 
  • Physiologically, my stomach and intestines are tight and unhappy, my shoulders and neck are strained, my eyes water, and I find myself shaking with unreleased tension.

4. I believe that the following interventions would be helpful:

  • Challenging my beliefs that things have gone badly in the past, are going badly now, and/or will go badly in the future.
  • Using supporting self-messages like “things will be OK” and “nothing is so bad that I have to deal with it right now” and “it’s OK to be worried but it’s not necessary and won’t really help things get better.”
  • Using structures of eating meals at scheduled times even though I’m not super hungry, following my distraction and relaxation plans, and making sure to still leave the house at least once each day.
  • Using intentional behaviors of going out into the world even though it’s making me more nervous, turning on music to help me feel better even though I’m not really in the mood to be happy, and writing out what I’m thinking even though it’s kind of painful.
  • Using my supportive relationship with my sisters, letting them know I’m anxious and fighting it.
  • Using therapy resources like this worksheet, posting on the DBSA forum, and my distraction and relaxation plans.
  • Making healthy lifestyle choices like eating healthy stuff, going to bed at a decent hour, turning off all electronics by 11pm, and trying to get up by 9am even though it’s hard.

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