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Target Zero Symptoms (Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance)

I had been really wary of this campaign - it seemed kind of (OK fine, really) irresponsible and hurtful at first glance.  Quite frankly, “zero symptoms” sounds like a massive pipe dream; the sort of thing that only idiots would actually think is possible.

The thing is - that’s the whole point of the campaign (read the FAQ here.)  That it’s so hard to get to a really good, happy, long-term-feeling-awesome place with major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder.  Heck, you have to get above a 20 on the Beck Depression Inventory even to be considered “depressed,” and a 50 on the Global Assessment of Functioning (where you have major difficulties in only one big part of your life, and moderate difficulties in several more) means all you’re going to get is outpatient therapy.

The campaign is saying that this is utterly bogus: that patients deserve better.  And, well, I can totally get behind that, because it is bogus, and we do deserve better.  The stuff I have to do to myself to stay in the realm of “basically functional” - well, it often feels like bipolar disorder has taken over my life completely, and the results are rather unsatisfying even with that degree of effort.  And that is not OK, but the medical establishment tends to act as though it is OK.

So, anyway, I signed the petition, and I might buy a pin to wear to my next NAMI event.  We’ll see.

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Because of Him, I’m going to get up tomorrow even though it’s really hard, and I’m going to keep trying even though it seems kind of impossible for what I do to succeed, and I’m going to trust that things will be OK in the end despite the fact that I can’t quite figure out how that’s going to work.

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