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It’s very easy to write your faith off

There is a large group who will certainly tell you it was easy for them, anyway, and it’s pointless to argue with them.

I am totally unconvinced that it’s worth doing it, though.  Especially since it typically involves also writing off whole groups of clearly intelligent, kind and self-aware people as hopelessly deluded.  Not to mention the whole “you sure don’t seem happier than you used to be, and you definitely aren’t any nicer” issue.

In any case, given that faith is by definition non-falsifiable, I find it both amusing and irritating how people tend to talk when they’ve decided to write off their faith - as though they’ve found some kind of definitive proof one way or another.  

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You can take Zofran and Dramamine at the same time

I just realized this as I was making dinner.  They were prescribed to me at the exact same time, and I was told to take one every eight hours and the other once a day (and to not mix that up.)

So no need to do without one or the other - we are a go for a full-frontal assault on this freaking nausea crap.

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Discontinuation of Klonopin is really hard

I was taking 0.75mg at night (yes, I know that this is a very small dose.)  I started it just few months ago at the behest of my psych nurse (H).  The sleep doctor (S) asked me to switch to Ambien in hopes of improving my sleep consolidation (sleep study shows I wake up hundreds of times a night - even when counting the >30 second awakenings only.)  S also said “hold the Klonopin while on Ambien.”  And yes, I got the OK from H before reducing the Klonopin.

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Added “right now” to the previous post

Because you can’t possibly hold yourself accountable, right now, for what you might or might not do in the future, and you can’t fix what you’ve already done.

Seriously, making the right decision right now is hard and important enough.

(I’m not a “no day but today” person, but you should never discount today’s victories on the grounds that the war isn’t over yet.)

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A “good enough” reason to live

A. Satan rejoices when people take their own lives, because he thinks he’s won something, and anyway it burnishes his (absurdly massive) ego.

B. Heavenly Father grieves when people take their own lives, and more generally whenever Satan rejoices at anything (because, you know, good vs. evil.)

C. Choosing not to kill yourself right now therefore pisses Satan off.  Which is an excellent thing.

Note: This is not about the eternal consequences of suicide.  We know that from an eternal perspective, Satan has no business being happy about anything.  We in particular know that the atonement works to heal wounds and right wrongs in ways that none of us can truly appreciate in this life, and that Satan’s understanding of the atonement is especially deficient.  In this case, however, pissing him off happens to correspond perfectly with our own best temporal and eternal welfare.  Win!

(I like to think of Satan as a gambler sitting at the poker table, convinced that this time he really will finally, permanently get ahead.  He fails to appreciate the concept embedded in the proverb “the house always wins”; he also fails to appreciate that this is not a game.  Satan excels at being wrong about just about everything, FYI.)

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