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One does not simply “look for” the cat

If one wishes to know where the cat is, one must follow these steps.

  1. Give up hope of ever finding the cat.  The cat enjoys messing with you; so long as you actually want to find her, she is unlikely to appear.
  2. Put a closed door between yourself and her food.  This puts her in an unbearable situation: either she can’t eat the food or she can’t bother you effectively.  She is very likely to protest, loudly.
  3. Do something which is particularly difficult to manage while holding and scratching and loving the cat with all your heart, might, mind, and soul.  She is supposed to be your top priority - if you act like she isn’t, she will extract revenge, and you will know it.  Particularly if by revenge you mean “eat your food while you’re trying to cook it” or “ruin your game of Age of Empires by lying down on your hands/keyboard.”
  4. If all else fails, start meowing pathetically.  She likes mocking you almost as much as she likes denying you whatever it is that you want.

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I am going to go to church.

I don’t know if I’ll stay - it’s very unpredictable, in terms of how I handle things each time.  I’m hopeful that it’ll work out well this time, because it’s been forever since I’ve gone, and I’d love to have a good solid spiritual experience and enjoy it the way I enjoy watching BYUtv, reading the scriptures, etc.  

Social stuff is generally really difficult for me, but church is almost 50% like school (the only social place I have ever felt legitimately comfortable is a classroom,) so that should help.  Plus I feel suspiciously close to healthy-ish today.

Still bringing the Ativan just in case, FYI, as I keep needing to take it at church.

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New med might be helping

Switched last night (finally) to the Ambien extended.  I still woke up once or twice, but I wasn’t nearly as awake, and was able to fall back asleep much more easily.  And at 9am I did not feel like it was impossibly early and awful.  I may even be able to hold it together enough to get to church!

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I finally emailed the nursery leader

I bought this toy at IKEA a few months back because it was legitimately irresistible despite the fact I have no use for it and all my friends with little kids just moved out of town.

It’s taken me almost four full months to work up the courage, organizational skills, and motivation to actually offer it to the nursery leader.  This is in part because I spent a good chunk of the not-completely-ill portion of that time contemplating how they’d react if they just found the toy mysteriously one day in nursery with no indication of where it had come from.  I got dangerously close, on one occasion, to looking at the building schedule and trying to figure out the best time to sneak into the nursery without anyone realizing I’d been there.

Anyway, I emailed her just now.  Victory!

(Hopefully she doesn’t reply with “sorry, we can’t take donations.”)

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More specialists

The neurologist had me do a bunch of the classic tests, and I was mostly on the lower end of normal (helps that this was a morning, before-going-to-work, exam.)  I got points off on the MMSE for the “remember the words” test and possibly the “draw the thing I drew” test, but I think everything else was pretty much passing (note that it is pretty much a ridiculously terrible sign if you get a bad score on the MMSE.)  

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