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Oh, and also

Dr. U (neurologist) used two codes for my test.

  • 784.0 Headache
  • 341.9 Demyelinating disease of central nervous system unspecified

So basically, Demeter was not stupid or overly paranoid for thinking that MS, etc., should be on the list.

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Inconclusive, non-specific, and nothing obvious

These are quotes from my brain MRI - basically, they’ve ruled out some really horrible things (acute infarction, especially) and said there’s nothing to really confirm a bunch of other stuff (demyelinating processes in the brain parenchyma, for instance.)

The most concrete thing is that I have two T2 hyperintensities in the left subinsular region, and that there’s a partial empty sella.  They made sure to carefully note that this may or may not mean anything at all, and they specifically request that the neurologist rule out intracranial hypertension.

If nothing else, this has given me an opportunity to greatly enhance my understanding of neurological terms.  Sigh.

(Sixteen days till my meeting with the expert two and a half hours from here.  He’s the head of the epilepsy department of a major research-oriented institution, which will in theory be very helpful.)

(I will not be pleased if “rule out intracranial hypertension” means “Demeter has to get a lumbar puncture.”  I pass out with tiny needles that just go under the skin - I am pretty much totally certain that it’ll be worse with giant needles that go into the spine.)

(BTW this totally counts as an “abnormal” MRI result for someone my age.  I am feeling incredibly validated about that, especially because almost every single one of the symptoms I’m having is something that directly relates to the insular cortex.)

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One of the most famous Mormons on earth - and he’s still alive!


Operation “Little Vittles”

On the 65th anniversary of the end of the Berlin Airlift on September 30, 1949, here’s a look back at the Airlift’s younger sibling, “Operation Little Vittles.”


In July 1948 Berlin Airlift pilot Gail Halvorsen began handing out and later dropping candy via handkerchief parachutes to the children who had gathered to watch at Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport.  With the approval of superiors and the support of confectionery companies, “Operation Little Vittles” was born and “Candy Bombers” and “Raisin Bombers” began dropping care packages to the children of Berlin.

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First, I posted these tips and tricks for scripture study a while ago.

For studying more slowly, especially for newbies/converts/investigators, I recommend starting with the Primary manuals and working your way up.

BYU Independent Study also has Book of Mormon classes that are more or less matched to the Institute curriculum (I think the online version is easier):

And, BYU’s Religious Education department has the Religious Studies Center  Book of Mormon study topics, plus this BYU Studies list of (advanced!) topics and articles.

And there are a few things out there that are non-official yet awesome, such as this study guide (written for a kid but pretty thorough) and this post about how to read the Book of Mormon.


Hey Guys, I Have a Question!

Sometimes when I’m doing research on religion and reading the BoM, I feel extremely overwhelmed. There’s so much information to take in at once, any advice on how to go about researching and reading this type of stuff? You know, instead of just reading the BoM from page, to page, to page.

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I think it is pretty freaking foolish

To depend on other people to refrain from doing bad things.  I have faith in God, but I do not have faith in men (or women) in general, because that would be incredibly stupid and pointless.  We all have our agency, and there are always going to be people who abuse the freedom they have and as a result hurt others.

And it frankly pisses me off that “protect yourself” is somehow interpreted as some kind of justification or defense of wicked people’s choices.  There are plenty of people in the world who actually do call evil good - they are too busy actually celebrating crime to bother with warning innocent people to be careful.

So: be careful.  Because duh.

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My mom’s basement is kind of toxic

I have a lot of stuff in that basement.  I used to live in that basement.  I am so glad I got my own place.

(I need to figure out how to detoxify my stuff before bringing it to my place.  ”Baking in the trunk of my car” is a method that requires way, way too many trips back and forth, and you can’t exactly bake electronics.)

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Totally just requested my MRI results from the hospital

No idea how to interpret the stuff, obviously, but at least this way I will know for sure whether his office is what’s holding it up.

From the way the lady sounded on the phone, I’m pretty sure the results have already been sent to him, incidentally.  I have my little post-it note with his assistant’s name and extension on it sitting by my keyboard; when I get the CD in the mail I’m going to leave her another message.

(The best part about medical assistants is that you always have to leave a message - no need to psych yourself up for an actual conversation.  Sometimes it’s even better to do it this way than to send a fax, because the faxes don’t always get passed along.)