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Invasion of Poland - September 1, 1939

75 years ago today, Adolf Hitler’s Germany began the invasion of Poland, on the pretext of a supposed Polish takeover of a German radio station.  He did this because he believed that the French, British, and Americans wouldn’t risk full-on war just to protect a minor country in his sphere of influence; he’d learned that from how those same people had reacted when he annexed Czechoslovakia a year and a half before that.

Six years later, between 60 and 85 million people lay dead, thanks to things like concentration camps, nuclear bombs, starvation, and so on.

I leave any potential comparisons to today’s situation in Eastern Europe as an exercise for the reader.

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The number of times I choose not to point out how foolish and misguided someone else is is really high, and you’re never allowed to claim credit for that kind of thing.

I am almost jumping up and down in my seat trying to refrain from replying to a family member’s beyond-absurd Facebook post.  There’s only so much self-restraint one person can possibly exercise in a single afternoon, darn it.

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H, the psych nurse, thinks I might have chronic fatigue syndrome - though I don’t have swollen lymph nodes, I do meet almost all the other criteria.  If you ignore the part of the criteria that says that people with bipolar disorder can’t possibly get a CFS diagnosis, anyway.

In other news, I just bought a folding stool.  My sister is taking me shopping for a bed and some other things on Saturday, and the last time we went to this store I nearly passed out and ended up sitting on a display unit for about twenty minutes waiting for her to return.  I haven’t actually done a full shopping trip without a “sit and rest here” break in a good five or six months, at least.  On the plus side, one of the stores she likes to go to has a pet display right by the benches, which means I can watch the fish while I wait.

Also, I’m making up a list of things to remember to ask the neurologist when I see him in a few weeks.  I’m adding CFS on the “please discuss these medical conditions” list, but it’s going after MS, which a) is treated more like a real disease by nearly everyone and b) is something I have a family history of.  We’ve already ruled out a good two-thirds of this list, which is… umm… well, sort of good news. Definitely glad about not having neurosyphillis.  Dr. R also wants the neuro to rule out the terrifying-sounding pseudotumor cerebri, which used to be called “benign intracranial hypertension” until people realized that something which can cause blindness really isn’t “benign.”

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Free advice

Never train your pets to think that you’ll feed them as soon as you get up in the morning.

(Unless you want to spend the next 5-20 years waking up at 3am [due to your pets jumping on your face,] that is.)

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Abstinence means never having to defend yourself against rape charges from someone who has decided they didn’t really mean it when they gave consent

When my mother was in college, they did away with curfews and single-sex dorms.  I suspect that by the time my niece and nephew are in college, curfews and single-sex dorms will be the least of the restrictions in place.

(They’ll probably still let the girls wear jeans, though.  Mom was really happy about that change as a teenager; my grandmother still thought they were unladylike twenty years later and constantly put me in dresses and saddle shoes.)

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It’s very easy to write your faith off

There is a large group who will certainly tell you it was easy for them, anyway, and it’s pointless to argue with them.

I am totally unconvinced that it’s worth doing it, though.  Especially since it typically involves also writing off whole groups of clearly intelligent, kind and self-aware people as hopelessly deluded.  Not to mention the whole “you sure don’t seem happier than you used to be, and you definitely aren’t any nicer” issue.

In any case, given that faith is by definition non-falsifiable, I find it both amusing and irritating how people tend to talk when they’ve decided to write off their faith - as though they’ve found some kind of definitive proof one way or another.  

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